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Exclusive Nannies have demonstrable success in placing Nannies, Governesses, Maternity Nurses etc in their dream jobs. From beginning to end, we will provide continuous help and support.


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A Maternity Nanny, or a Maternity Nurse’s role is to support parents and provide care from the very beginning of their new-born’s life, usually until they reach 6 to 8 weeks old. Typical duties range from establishing schedules for mother and baby, bathing, changing, and feeding the baby, to providing advice and postnatal care to the mother.

A Nanny is a private child carer, often with a degree in childcare, who cares for children in their home.  Nannies carry out nursery duties to maintain the children’s health, cleanliness, and overall wellbeing, and arrange age-appropriate activities to keep the children entertained and engaged. 

A Manny is the male equivalent of a Nanny.  Mannies are often the preferred choice of a family who require a more male influence for their sons.  This could include encouraging them in a variety of sports, outdoor activities, and maintaining an active lifestyle whilst generally offering a combination of role model, tutor, or big brother.

A Governess or Governor’s job is to teach children, of school age, in a private household.  They may be required to supplement their school learning, help with homework, or provide support to children with learning difficulties.  A Governess or Governor can transform your child’s development and make them realise their true potential.

A Governess or Governor does not carry out nursery duties or assist with household tasks, but may assist with other tasks related to the children, such as taking them to educational activities.

A Private Teacher, like a Governess/Governor, is responsible for a child’s learning – though rather than general learning, they can assist your child in specific topics and educational development.  Private Teachers typically hold degrees, offer in-depth knowledge of one or more subjects, and have often gained extensive experience as teachers.  Their knowledge and skills ensure that they have all the relevant expertise to give your child the very best educational support available.

Private Teachers focus exclusively on tutoring and do not carry out any other tasks.

Next Steps


Get in touch, detail your requirements and one of our expert Consultants will respond promptly to your request.


We will discuss with you the more specific details, allowing us to draw up an in-depth profile of your ideal candidate.


Using a combination of our extensive database and consultancy skills we will endeavour to find existing and new candidates who offer the exact skills you are looking for.


Our experienced Consultant hold an in-depth registration interview with interested candidates, and once fully vetted and assured of their capabilities, you will be presented with their CV’s, employer references, and Consultant's notes. You then choose the candidates you wish to interview and/or trial.


We assist you through the final processes for your ‘candidate of choice’ ensuring both parties agree on the finer details and confirm the start date.

Ongoing Support

Our Consultants keep in touch with both client and candidate during the ‘settling in’ period of the placement and beyond.

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How we Work

Initially, having received a job seeker’s application, we check their CV for a minimum 3 years’ experience working for private families, in line with our company standards. If successful, our Consultants will then be in touch for a registration interview, ideally face-to-face, although we do also offer video interviews to suit the applicant’s preferences.

The candidate will be asked to provide a photograph of themselves along with proof of identity, eg a passport or driving licence, DBS and First Aid certification. Once registered, the candidate may wish to be put on our mailing list, allowing them to receive information on all new vacancies, some of which, for confidentiality, may not appear on the Exclusive Nannies website.

All candidates' CVs will subsequently be professionally formatted and stored on our secure database before being presented to our clients for their consideration. After a successful registration our admin team will then verify candidates' references.

Once the client has reviewed the candidate’s CVs and personal profiles written by Roxie and Isabella, we would be delighted to set up initial interviews with the successful candidates, whether that be in person or via video call.  Should the client feel a candidate is suitable following their first interview, we would highly recommend a second interview or trial to be arranged. This will allow both the client and candidate to get a gauge of each other, and for the candidate to meet with the child.

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Exclusive Nannies would be delighted to aid you on your search to find the right Nanny, Governess or Tutor for your family. Please feel free to contact our team on +44 (0)20 3358 7000 or fill in the below enquiry form, and we shall be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Under no circumstances will your confidentiality be compromised and we will not forward your information on to anyone else. Please see our Privacy Policy for further details.

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Chloe is a true star! She really knew what I was looking for within a role and was very concise with matching me to the right jobs during my search. The regular updates were greatly appreciated, as this is something I’ve not experienced as much with other agencies. I highly recommend Exclusive Nannies to all fellow nannies looking for a top notch role.

Emily, W

Exclusive Household Staff is very professional but friendly, Chloe is careful and considerate when matching you with a family , she is helpful and supportive throughout. She communicates well at every stage, I thoroughly recommended this agency.

Nicole, D L

I’ve been registered with Exclusive Nannies for several years. They are a highly professional agency - prompt and efficient communication and always supportive, helpful and friendly. Their application process - interview and reference check was thorough and once placed they touched base to make sure all was going smoothly. Their care and effort in finding a good match for families and nannies is outstanding. I completely recommend them to both nannies and families.

Athena, Candidate

Thank you for all your help and guidance while I was looking for my next role. You are one of the nicest consultants I came across in my nanny career.  I wish you all the best and I hope our paths will cross again someday.

Tina, V